Ferma Pneumatics Training Sets

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The Pneumatic Training Set covers all possible experiments to be done with Pneumatic technology.
All parts can be attached freely just in seconds on the working desk.
The learner has the possibility to make circuits from basic Pneumatic to PLC controlled Electro-Pneumatic.
The content is freely configurable.
Workstations are suitable to use double-sided, just adding an extra aluminium panel.

The set consists of:

  • Different types of actuators, single acting & double acting cylinders (standart, rodless, rotary)

  • All types of valves (mechanic, solenoid, pneumatic, proportional)

  • Pressure measurement (digital and mechanic)

  • Flow measurement (digital)

  • Proportional equipments

  • Silent air compressor

  • Mobile workstation with drawer

  • "T" slotted anodised Aluminium panel

The control panel consists of exchangable modules:

  • Power supply

  • Relais module

  • Timer and counter module

  • Light and buton module

  • PLC module

  • Touchscreen module

  • Cables and documentations.

  • The package includes software for PLC and Touchscreen programming

Available experiments, which can be applied with the sets are;

  • Fundamentals of pneumatic & electropneumatic circuits

  • Air preperation

  • Single and double acting cylinders

  • Air piloted directional control valves

  • Mechanically actuated directional control valves

  • Logic pneumatic valves

  • Speed control valves

  • Pressure adjusting regulators and pressure sequence valves

  • Timer valves

  • Understanding of vacuum, generated from pressurised air, with venturi principle

  • Signal eliminations

  • Solenoid operated valves

  • Proportional technology with pressure and flow

  • Circuit configuration with relays and logic electric moduls

  • Learning the use of industrial programming and communicating with a PLC

  • Learning the use of touchscreen to visualise and control circuits

  • Arrange the related solenoid valves according to sample scenarios

  • Setup and piping of preesurised air systems, pipes can be installed easily by quick connections.

  • Understanding the sensor characteristics, as
    Analog pressure sensor with LCD 
    Proximity sensor
    Mechanical pressure manometer
    Inductive sensor
    Optic sensor
    Capasitive sensor
    Non conducting linear transducer